Beer Review: Hardknott “Azimuth IPA”

So, after the brief sojourn into the world of sub 4% pale ales, time to move things up a gear with a IPA in the upper 5’s with Hardknott’s Azimuth (5.8%). Lots of my favourite beers and ales sit between 5.5 – 6%, which give a little bit extra punch but don’t overwhelm you with a overriding barley-wine-ish edge. Some of my personal favourites include Thornbridge’s Jaipur (5.9%) with its distinctive uber-grapefruit kick, and Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale (5.6%) with a compelling triumvirate of Magnum, Perle and Cascade Hops.

After a quick Wikipedia search, I learnt that an Azimuth “is an angular measurement in a spherical coordinate system”. I don’t really know what that means, however what I do know is this extremely drinkable beer. A quick look on their website (which scared me a bit, these guys sound like they mean business, like Brewdog with extra balls) reveals that they use a fluctuating blend of Cascade, Centennial, Galaxy, Citra, Pacific Jade and Wakatu – a hell of a lot of hops in one beer, but one with pleasing results.

The design of the label accurately reflects what this beer is all about, laid back, not too in your face with a pleasing Citra nose shining through, and a pleasant after taste which lingers (but not for too long). Recommended.